Famous Pirates


William Kidd (Captain Kidd)

One of the most well known pirates of all time was Captain Kidd. Kidd actually started out being a "good guy". He was asked by the King to set out and capture all the pirates. While at sea, Kidd had a terrible fight with his crew who threatened him. He fought with one of the crew members and killed him. After this, Kidd changed and became a pirate himself.

Kidd wanted to capture a giant treasure ship called the Quedagh Merchant. After a terrible battle, Kidd and his crew took over the ship and captured the greatest pirate treasures ever! Little did Kidd know, but most of the treasure he had stolen belonged to some very powerful people. He was captured and sentenced to die by hanging.



Anne Bonny

Anne Bonny was one of the two most famous female pirates. Both Anne and Mary Read (the other famous female pirate) fought on a famous pirate ship called Revenge.

Anne had a rich father. She met a pirate named James Bonny and married him. Anne soon realized that James had only married her to get her fatherís money. She ran away with another pirate named "Calico Jack" Rackham and became a pirate herself. To be a pirate, Anne dressed up and pretended to be a man!

In 1720, the pirate ship Revenge was caught and Anne, Mary Read and "Calico Jack" were sent to trial for being pirates. Anne and Mary admitted they were women and begged to be set free. Both were supposed to be hanged but Anne disappeared from prison. It is believed that her father "bought" her freedom.



Bartholomew Roberts (Black Bart)

One of the most interesting pirates is Bartholomew Roberts, also known as "Black Bart". This man was known for being a very handsome dresser. He wore a fancy jacket and a gold chain around his neck with a large diamond cross hanging from it. He was also quite "proper". Gambling and swearing were not allowed on his ship and everyone had to attend regular church services!

Black Bart captured over 400 ships in only 3 years as a pirate. He was eventually killed in a battle in 1722 and was thrown overboard by his crew with all of his weapons and fancy clothes still on!



Edward Teach (Blackbeard)

Edward Teach, also known as Blackbeard, was the most famous pirate in history. He was a very mysterious man and not very much is known about his life. He got his nickname because of his long, black beard that he wore in braids. He was also known for having many pistols strapped to his chest to be ready for battle.

Even though Blackbeard is the most famous pirate, his pirate "career" only lasted about 2 years. During these 2 years however, Blackbeard attacked many ships and killed many people. He was eventually killed in a battle in 1718. Legend has it that he was hit with "5 pistol balls and 20 cutlass wounds" before he fell to his death. To warn other pirates, a famous commander had Blackbeardís head cut off and placed on the front of his ship!



Henry Morgan

Of all the pirates, Henry Morgan was the most successful. Morgan started out living a proper life in Jamaica and even became a colonel for a famous Governor. Even though Morgan had a good life, he was not happy and decided to become a pirate! He and his crew attacked a ship called the Puerto Principe and stole over 250 000 pieces of eight, jewels and other goods. He even captured a very rich city called Panama.

In 1672, Morgan was caught and sent to England for a trial. Even though he was supposed to be kept in prison, he was able to escape. He returned to Jamaica and became a very rich planter until he died in 1688.



Mary Read

Mary Read was one of the two famous female pirates in history, along with Anne Bonny. Both worked with a pirate named "Calico Jack" Rackham.

Mary was born in London, England and spent most her life dressed up as a man. Even her mother dressed her up as a boy. Mary was travelling on a ship when it was captured by John Rackham and she became a member of his crew as a pirate.

Mary loved her life as a pirate on the ship called Revenge until it was captured in 1720. Mary, Anne Bonny and Calico Jack were all sentenced to a trial. While Mary was in prison she died of a fever.


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