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A Novel by Robert Louis Stevenson


  Welcome to our Treasure Island novel study page! Our class worked on this exciting unit about adventure and mystery in September and October. We will culminate our unit with a trip to Mohawk Theatre in Hamilton, Ontario. We have enjoyed learning about Stevenson's novel and the life of a pirate!

"Mate's" Work - Check out some examples of our awesome center work!

Wanted Posters Dear Diary Treasure Maps Famous Pirate Posters Pirate Handbooks

Famous Pirates - Read to learn more about famous pirates!

William (Captain) Kidd

Mary Read
Henry Morgan Anne Bonny
Bartholomew  Roberts - Black  Bart Edward Teach - Blackbeard



Pirate and Treasure Sites - Learn more about pirates and treasure hunting!

Pirates: Fact or Fiction Moneybag.gif (987 bytes) Moneybag.gif (987 bytes) Pirates Home Page
Pirates! Moneybag.gif (987 bytes) Moneybag.gif (987 bytes) Quest for a Pirate
Famous Pirates Moneybag.gif (987 bytes) Moneybag.gif (987 bytes) Treasure Island
National Geographic's Pirates Moneybag.gif (987 bytes) Moneybag.gif (987 bytes) Pirate's Cove

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